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A blog dedicated to drawing Mabinogi characters!

some of today’s sketches from the livestream!! yay

featuring alphathedemon and mastergiegue

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(i saw someone today and it inspired me to try a new way to lineart) 

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Hello! A notice that commissions are open now;


(commenting on the journal, noting in dA, submitting an ask to me, and reblogging this with an order are all okay ways to place an order) 

I especially like doing commissions for mabinogi characters. 

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a freebie for dualfelines ! I hope you like it! 

a freebie for dualfelines ! I hope you like it! 

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do people do commissions for gold in game? is that something that happens?

i do that sometimes yes. a looooot of people do that too.

nexon forums fan creations has a bunch of people who do art for gold! 

i hope this helpsssss.

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Freeeeebie (*edit* closed)

I’m doing it again!! I’m taking a break from job hunting to draw in a bit and I want to see what kinds of characters people want drawn today. 

I may only do one (or maybe more??) but reblog with reference, personality or description is optional. What color do you like?? My preference is female characters. I may only do sketches.

A good reference example to make a neko happy includes; 

1. no glow, or any other effects on

2. daylight lighting

3. front and back (side view for bonus points to get on my good side ;D) 

4. cropped properly (as in I don’t see like your entire screen, just your character)



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look how far ive come… -wipes tear-

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doodling male cq
kind of on the wall about curly hair still so i drew it out to see…
(i really want incubus wings tho seriously)

doodling male cq

kind of on the wall about curly hair still so i drew it out to see…

(i really want incubus wings tho seriously)

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todays livestream was productive. 

the first request was to let someone from my stream huggle cq and then it spiraled out of control a bit…. featuring my friend kat and mastergiegue ! 

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Please Help Me Move Out? Commissions! →


Hello friends!

I’m sorry to say that I need help. My family situation is… not amazing. My dad has all but kicked my mom and me out. We were already planning on leaving next year anyway (her to Toronto to live with her sister, and me back to Montreal), but things have changed…

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In order;

1. fullburstmode (it wont let me link you whyyyy)

2. tollann (i had no idea what i was doing with anatomy so i stopped where i felt i was unsure, but you get a cute cq kitty watermark yeah!) 

3. captainsorbutt

4. aracel-certy (your character was my ab-so-lute favorite. ever. seriously. you are awesome asdfgjlhjksfgjhb)

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